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Anti-Aging Serum - Facial Serum | Healing Oil Ltd Co.


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Glow me is age-defying. Rapidly repairs the skin and is safe to use on dry, oily, and combination skin! It does not contain oils that clog the pores. Maintains the skin's natural ph, Perfect for sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, squalane, jojoba oil.

Customer Reviews

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So far so good!

I have used GLOW ME on my body and it leaves my skin feeling silky. It was too strong for my face. My face was still soft, but it started to break out in small bumps where I tested it.

Glow me oil is that miracle oil

Love this product and will continue to purchase. I’m on day 3 and already love the way skin looks and feels. So far I only used this on my face to rid of acne, scars, blemishes and peeling from using retinol. The peeling has stopped but still have some dark spots to rid of.

Glow me oil is the truth🙌🏽

Listen!!!!! Baby that oil is the truth. So I’m 39 and I’ve been suffering from bad acne since I was 13 and I’ve tried every over-the-counter med and prescribed med and nothing seems to work. Even though I no longer have any bumps on my face I have really bad scarring and post Acne marks left over and it is very visible and dark, because I’m light skin(to get an idea im the same exact complexion as Beyoncé, but maybe a little lighter). I know Tia products work because I’ve tried the tea but honestly, I really didn’t have high hopes for the glow me oil since anything that’s oil-based breaks me out but I decided to just give it a try. I decided to experiment with it, by adding five drops of the glow me oil in my hand after I wash my face and two drops of the healing oil to it, I wanted to do it twice a day, but I was a little skeptical so I decided to do it just once every night. I would not kid you on the fourth day my coworkers asked me what am I using on my face and I said why and they said damn, your face has gotten so bright and smooth like porcelain and your dark spots have lightened up so much since we last seen you last week. It has now been one month and one week and my face is literally almost cleared up besides this one spot on my face but it’s my fault because I keep picking at it lol but If anyone has doubts about Tia product just give it a try because I am living proof it works. My only regret is that I did not take before and after pictures so people can believe that it really works that fast.

Great Buy!!!!

The glow me oil is good I can see the results already. I have a blemish that will not go away but since I’ve been using the glow me oil it’s seems to be getting smaller. I also drink the detox tea and I just the healing oil so it could be a combination of all 3 but I do see results I’m hooked. You have to try it. And a little goes a long way for me!!!

Jamaris Webb

The face serum have my face glowing,smooth and clearing up the best!!!!!!