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The appetite suppressant/weight loss supplement speeds up the metabolism without the pesky jitters that some other weight loss supplements cause. The suppressant balances insulin resistance which is what makes it hard for you to lose weight or breakdown sugar in the body, the appetite suppressant curves your appetite & also burns fat in the body. 100% natural. 

This product does contain Kola nut & Prekese fruit

21 day supply to be taken twice per day

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great suppressant!!!!

I had to get these because I have an issue with over eating sometimes. This suppressant works. At one point I found myself not eating for two days because I had no appetite and had to force myself to eat. Overall amazing, I did experience some stomach cramps even with the water but nothing too detrimental. Overall amazing!!!! Thank you for these products and all that you do. A forever supporter.

It works!

I was recommended this company by my sister because she’s ordered multiple times and she likes the products! So I decided to order the appetite suppressants and the black African soap and I love both! With the appetite suppressants I saw a difference in how hungry I was only a few days after using it everyday! I could literally eat so much if I wanted to and now I’m rarely hungry but I still eat my 3 meals everyday just smaller sections! I I’ve the African black soap as well I use it with a African net makes my skin feel really soft and not dry! Will be ordering different products soon!

Buy it

I used the appetite suppressant to help me do a healthy reset on my body along with the detox me tea and I haven’t been disappointed in either one of these products. They’ve truly helped me quite a bit along my healing journey and I’m so grateful for Tia and this company. Please keep going!

Teisha Diallo
The Game changer for a healthy reset

These appetite suppressing pills have been a game-changer for me. They have helped me break my habit of indulging in sweet treats. Notably, they have also increased my water intake, leading to improved hydration and detoxification. Furthermore, my appetite has changed, making me more mindful of the types of food I consume, especially sugary ones. I even tried cheese recently, and it tasted so unappetizing that it reinforced the positive effects of these pills. Unlike other suppressants, this herbal medicine doesn't leave me feeling jittery or wired. It has allowed me to reset my system, make better food choices, and regain control over my cravings. I highly recommend these pills for anyone seeking a guilt-free reset and healthier eating habits. They have also facilitated my intermittent fasting routine. Overall, I'm amazed by the benefits they offer and how they have transformed my relationship with food.
Forever customer!!!!

Appetite Suppressant